CPEC another East India Company


CPEC another East India Company

CPEC another way to colonize Pakistan?

Sidra Sajjad

Sidra Sajjad
Sidra Sajjad

Is CPEC another East India Company?

When nations start relying on others then their Fate is also destined by other nations.after researching about  the political circumstances of sub-continent had strongly convinced me that because of the instability of Mughal emperors, the crown was paralyzed and was unable to stand without the help of British, who were the organized and industrially developed nation of that century.

Economy and industry are two strong pillars that make a nation stand with confidence, these are the remote controls of a country, if these pillars are defective then political instability is observed, but instead of treating that defect if nations try to rely on the pillars of other nations then that is an alarming moment because we indirectly gave our remote control in other hands and they got the authority to drive us in their way.

The arrival of East India Company to Sub-Continent and reliance of Mughal Crown on EIC both industrially and economically made them replace their defective pillars by the strong pillars of East India Company but after that, it was too late to realize that now their remote control was in other hands.

For 200 years, crown remained over the heads of puppet rulers later British came forward and finished the show. History has witnessed the burial of that nation.

EIC came to Sub-continent at the start of the 17th century with the intention of trade, later they established industries in Sub-Continent, it was the fact that they played the significant role in trade and the industrial development of sub-continent, but in return they took independence of a nation, question arises what if rulers and people of sub-continent had taken steps by themselves for the development of their country instead of letting foreigners come in their homes.

Today when I look at CPEC, it reminds me EIC. Once I heard history repeats itself, I use to get afraid by looking at these industrial developments in Pakistan with the blessings of China. In past EIC had brought great developments to Sub-Continent, it had opened the ways of trade between Great Britain and Sub-Continent, just the same way CPEC is opening a gateway between Pakistan and China.

I just used to get afraid if today China is having that strong impact in Pakistan what would be the ratio of this impact after 200 years? when EIC came to the subcontinent, who had thought that after 200 years they would lose their land, even EIC had not dreamed at that moment of ruling Sub-Continent.

When I used to see Chinese working on my land investing their money and my people feeling honored that these foreigners are investing their money in their land, it reminds me the workings of EIC, when they established their first industry in Sub-Continent, Mughal emperors and people of Sub-Continent were proud of all that.

Problem is not CPEC, the real problem is those weak pillars; economy and industry and we are trying to stand on the pillars built by another nation. We are again making a mistake, we are trying to overcome our weaknesses with the help of another nation, who have worked hard without the help of any other nation even they had faced a boycott by the major powers of the world, that is a great message for us.

When I see China introducing its culture in Pakistan and offering different scholarships to Pakistanis on the condition of learning the Chinese language reminds me British east India company introducing their culture in Sub-Continent and offering job.opportunities to people of Sub-Continent upon learning of their language English, which is still a part of our blood. Later we had faced the worst consequences; a confused nation was formed with tainted minds.

I am frightened to envisage the Amalgam of three cultures and three languages. I feel sympathies for my kids who would be born after 200 years. Great Nations always had their own culture and their own values, and they make the world practice their culture and learn their language. Great nations are proud of themselves.

We need to strengthen our pillars by working hard. We should not let foreigners sow seeds of their culture and language in our land before it’s too late.

The Writer is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS. 

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I will totally disagree with your thoughts which have not regarded current global, regional and internal environment. Yes, a country’s internal policies pay for wrong external policies and Globalization is a double edge weapon but now things are being settled under new environments.

Presently, evolving power dynamics, US seeks continued presence in Afghanistan. Recent US India strategic tie has enhanced Indian capacity and capability. Therefore, Pakistan’s enabling of CPEC enhance Pakistan’s strategic capability and will challenge US desired security calculus in the region.

CPEC enabling will dissuade Indian global power aspirations. A focused Sino-Pak effort will engage Iran and Afghanistan into a cooperation mode on CPEC rather than a competitive one.

Remember, this resilient nation having a strong bond with armed forces unlike Mughals, and great potential for development of CPEC is not going to repeat history.

I will urge you to refrain from negative media campaign and information against CPEC. I will urge you to reconcile your opinion in precincts of strategic understanding coupled with diplomatic factor under Global and Regional environments.

Sidra Sajjad

Well I respect your point of view but I do have the right to give voice to my view points. And that’s the beauty of democracy. And second thing how we will pay back to China ?

Just being in a significant department of Pakistan does not mean you are experiencing everything that is happening in Pakistan. Well why so many Chinese language programs ? And why a lot of campaigns to promote Chinese culture ? That’s about my university .. and I know it’s happening everywhere.. why China is not promoting Pakistani culture and language in China?

if Chinese worker can thrash our policemen in Khanewal then why I don’t have the right to speak,? Actually that was about Pakistan’s poor police so does not matter and such an irony of us that we should stop spreading negativity about Chinese and CPEC.

If em a citizen of Pakistan then I do have the right to speak for my country .. Pakistan’s Constitution has given me the right of freedom of speech.. there is nothing negative ..u can disagree with me .. I will appreciate it .. but it does not mean, I have written it just for the sake of a random thought.. and em spreading something negative..

Optimism is good thing but counterarguments are more important to get a by product.. and If somebody is pursuing a particular point of view then there is always a reason behind it. I have not denied from the fact that globalization is a good thing but even good things in excess are not good for health. CPEC is something relying in a lot of aspects over China, that gateway seems to be charming but who knows if it would become one sided gateway in future? It seems very charming being developed enough to stand out in front of US or India but China’s impact is increasing everyday over us that’s a dangerous situation and we should consider this point. Culture exchange is good thing but only if it happens at both sides without any partiality. One sided culture exchange via CPEC is lethal.

No doubt we have a strong army but our democracy has always been endangered by internal and external factors .. Having a strong army is not enough. We are already relying on army for a lot of things .. Being a Pakistani I do have the jurisdiction to dream a strong democratic state not relying on superficial powers to stand out. I simply remonstrated that this good cause could also be injurious for us .. and if u are not agreed with me it doesn’t mean em spreading something negative ..

Hassan Ahmed Janjua

I discussed CPEC in precincts of External / Internal Policy vis-a-vis different environments neither touched constitutional rights nor suppressing the voice and idea of govt, whatever.
Decorum of individual’s institution should remain status quo and we should not discuss it significantly.
Chinese linguistic and culture propaganda is an older one already materialized in Brussels and Switzerland. Therefore, i urge readers to refrain from such themes being propagated by various dissidents. Chinese who scuffled with Policeman has been repatriated as Law of Land equally liable on any foreigner except few exemptions for selected diplomats. This forum teaches us logics / appreciation of the situation not other way around. I will encourage if receives explanation of that charming Gateway which is going to be on sided and how??? I don’t know when our talk breached from economy and security to culture.
There are 58 CPEC projects comprising short term, midterm and long term executions. These are BOT and DLP projects and they will start giving dividends on due timeline. I will again urge you to please search for each project and yourself up rise this forum that how we will going to pay back. I hope it will reform your thought regarding CPEC.
I will be very happy that instead of going against CPEC, why don’t we see what all threats are being posed to CPEC. We have to analyse them in kinetic and non kinetic threat spectrum and then form our response like a unified nation. When there are convergence of interests then nothing is Black & White rather many shades of grey.

Sidra Sajjad

CPEC is based on the loan of $46 billion which is now almost $62 billion. This loan is taken from china. Pakistan is supposed to return this loan with an interest of approximately 7–8% Principal amount, means in next 43 years we owe approximately $8 billion to China. If you are thinking, it is foreign direct investment that will be recovered by China from CPEC then its not the case. Seems like a plan for bankrupting Pakistan. So forth, a very economical plan for China.

What will happen when we will remain unable to pay this amount to China? Never mind, we have such a strong army to protect us but how they going to pay our loan?

The construction cost $361 million of Port Hambantota in Sri Lanka was funded by China. This economic aid has bankrupted Sri Lanka. After paying 90% of all government incomes as debt and after some time being unable to pay this huge amount of debt with interest led Sri Lanka to make a deal with China; now port Hambantota is leased by China for next 99 years.

I don’t want to talk about the possibilities to colonize Pakistan after leasing Gawadar Port but that’s a fact we already owe huge amount of debt and we don’t have much to export to make money. And every year we are taking more loans from IMF to pay interest.

China invested more than 52 billion dollars in Venezuela through oil-for-loan agreement.

“Venezuela was obliged to keep supplying to China millions of barrels of oil to feed the Chinese economic bloom”

This is another example of China’s debt trap policy.

I will URGE you to review china’s debt trap policy.

I just wonder on this economic corridor where Pakistan’s economy is not getting any benefit. Chinese trucks are exempted from paying toll tax. Approximately eight thousand security members are protecting eight thousand and one hundred Chinese workers. And 15000 security members are being trained to protect CPEC infrastructure.

Well what about some power plants under CPEC? Coal is having adverse effects on health and environment and China is exempting their country from coal, but see they are launching coal-based power plants in Pakistan.

Some projects are given to the blacklisted companies of China, for example; Khanpur and Nandipur hydroelectric power plants.

There is a lot more to list, we can’t deny from the fact that China will get major benefits from CPEC.

“CPEC will soon become Atlas’s burden, a symbol for the world to see but for Pakistan to carry”.

Sounds like u kind of imposing your point of view or you are assuming that I am having poor knowledge about CPEC projects, so you are suggesting me again and again to check details of CPEC projects. Well does not matter whatsoever you are thinking, but we both have different point of views, I will keep mine.. You keep yours..


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