The Role Of Education in Nation Building


Non-uniform education system; biggest obstacle for nation-building

Education is the most valuable investment for the socio-economic development of any state. It is accepted worldwide that education is the most vital instrument which opens doors of opportunities and awareness. It raises productivity and produces skilled manpower for the development of the state.
In Pakistan, education has always been neglected. The biggest problem of Pakistani education is non-uniformity.

There are a large number of education systems prevailing in a single country. Most prominent are the public system, private system, madrassah system, and external adopted system. The confusion in the education system has enhanced the confusion and differences in society. Lack of a unified education system is the biggest obstacle in the nation-building.
There is no connectivity in the prevailing systems.

Every system has its own method of teaching, curriculum, examination system, facilities, and atmosphere. In the absence of a unified system, three different classes are being prepared. All of these three streams lack coordination and instead they have a negative interaction with each other and would like to discredit each other’s efforts in imparting education.

Madrassah system solely focuses on religious and Islamic studies neglecting the importance of scientific and modern studies. Mostly children from poor background enrolled in madrassah. Parents cannot afford the expanses of the private or public sector which compel them to send their kids to madaris which provide free education. Youth taught by this system has a very narrow world view. They lack the knowledge to contribute positively to the economic system of the state.


Public sector education is supported by the state. Most of the public system schools are teaching in Urdu medium and lately, English is being taught. This confusion of two languages made them incapable of mastering either of the two languages. Also, teachers in the public sector promote rote learning system and no importance is given to creative and original ideas.

The quality of public school facilities, lack of discipline, and amateur teachers in these schools produce a lot of youth who – despite being equally intelligent – are conceptually weaker, limited in discipline, less-confidence and are not able to face the education criteria because of their inefficiency of language speaking skills.

The private sector is affordable by the upper class. They charge heavy fees and run their own terms and conditions. There is a big dilemma with these schools. After completing Secondary Level Education, students are not enough groomed of getting tertiary level education in this country. Most of the young ones prefer to go abroad for higher studies. Once they spend four-five years in a highly reputed university they do not come back to Pakistan.

The basic reason for this chaos in the education system is negligence from the government and low allocation of budget.

Provinces do not have adequate and uniform infrastructure or resources to handle educational issues; the case in point is Baluchistan. There is no uniform policy formulated by the government for the education sector.

In order to resolve class differences, sectarianism, political and social dichotomy and the widening gap between the poor and rich Pakistan needs a uniform national educational policy for both rich and poor. This education policy must be formulated with the national consensus and the constitution should protect it. The government needs to realize the disastrous consequences of the non-uniformity of education, the prevailing system of education should be reformed for the better future and prosperity of Pakistan.


Asma Alvi is the Intern at STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS, She has done BS in International relations from International Islamic University, Islamabad. She contributed as Content Writer. Her area of interest is International Affairs.  Views expressed in this article are entirely her personal and does not reflect the policy of STUDENT’ INN SOLUTIONS. 

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