Teachers are the pillars of the nation

No doubt, Teachers are the pillars of the nation. I would like to start my article with the quotation of a great writer and Poet William Arther Ward, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

It is a fact that a teacher plays a very important role in the life of a person. Due to this important role, the instructor  is considered soul-father of a student. There is no doubt, as teaching is a blessed profession. it is the profession of prophets. As they delivered the message of Allah SWT to the people of the time.

After the Prophets of Allah SWT, great souls named as “Sufis” delivered the same message. They were also god-fearing personalities and most respected among the people. They have also acted as the teachers who built the pillars of this society with their concrete teachings. After them, this profession is adapted by the common men.

In the present era, Teaching is one of the important profession. It is due to the nature of the job. As a teacher has to transform the thinking of a child from Class One to Ph.D. level. Therefore, he undertakes the critical responsibility of society.

There are basically two types of a teacher in our country. First Type is Muallim of Religious Education, Second Type is teachers of School, Colleges, and Universities. Both types of lecturers are acting as pylon of society by their profession. As they are fulfilling their job very honestly.

The life of a student is fully dependent on a teacher’s grooming. A person who is groomed by a witty teacher transforms the world and others damage society. This shows that the role of teacher in society is very crucial. Therefore, they need to be well-train to train their apprentices. Otherwise, a confused and misdirected generation can mislead a nation towards the way of no return.

Like the role of an instructor, a student also needs to pay special attention to their study. They also have to train themselves with good knowledge. They have to follow the good instructions of their teachers and have to build a sense of responsibility.  This trait of responsibility will lead them towards a golden career full of achievements. On the other hand, they can fall prey to the nefarious plans of the villain of societies.

As a teacher is a role model for his students. He should have to prove himself in this character. He should not do any act, which can deface his profession. Therefore, self-development and personality grooming should be an area of interest for a trainer. It is doubtless to say that students copy their professors in a number of qualities.

Therefore, a person having good traits and qualities in his personality as a teacher inspires his students. However, this inspiration should not only be about dressing. A teacher should also inspire his students by his character and thinking. So, his students can learn these good traits and include them in their personality as well.



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