Application of Technology and its Advantages in Pakistani Schools

Technology is a great tool of the present era. It is playing a significant role in every walks of field. And education is no exception. Application of technology It has also revolutionized the education sector. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on its utilization and field of application.

Information Technology has brought a tremendous change into Pakistani Education Sector. In the past, the education sector was fully dependent on old bookkeeping system. The record of the teachers and students was kept on registers. The payment and cash record of School and Teachers were purely maintained on books. It was a hectic job for the accountant of a school. Moreover, it was also difficult to conduct a complete audit prior to the application of technology.

After the application of Technology into Education Sector. All the record has been shifted on the Web-Based Software. While the Education Department is shifting the whole database of Teaching and supportive staff on Online Web Portal. In this way, it will be easier for management and teachers as well to track a record with ease, even sitting at home on weekends. Otherwise, they have to visit the schools on the weekend to perform a task relevant to record keeping. This was an extra burden on their job work.

First initiative of maintaining the whole database on the internet or computer network was taken by Punjab Government lead by Mian Shehbaz Sharif.  In his tenure, the Punjab government took a large number of steps to revolutionize the old book-keeping culture. First time in the history of Punjab, they created a web portal for teaching staff.

Teachers are the pillars of the nation

Teachers were issued with Computerized Service Card. The record of a School was maintained on the internet. IT Department in Punjab requested all the schools to perform their correspondence via email address. They made it compulsory for every headmaster/ headmistress to create an email account of their school.

Almost all the highs and secondary schools were equipped with IT Labs. The subject of Computer Science was introduced in the school, even in villages. The vacancy of an IT Teacher was created in all the schools. The internet facility was provided at every school. They designed an Android Application with the name of “Learn Punjab”, to provide interactive teaching activities to the primary school students. These steps were supportive for the application of technology at grass root level in the education sector.

Database of every class was maintained on the web portal. It was made compulsory for the monitoring and evaluation department to record their visit report on the web-portal along with class test activity report.

To avoid the cheating in examination, computerized roll no slip was introduced. These all revolutionary changes have improved the education sector in Punjab of Pakistan. The students are taking more interest due to the interactive way of teaching. They are more curious to learn new things.

Trust your Child; Teach Them Less

Science students have easy access to authentic video platforms like With the help of this platform, they can learn about the new experiences of the science lab. They can also learn how to execute their lab activities with safety. Indeed, the application of technology in Education Sector of Pakistan has brought a positive impact on overall education standards.

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