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Online Counseling and Therapy Services

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy has a long history. In 1986, Cornell University began providing an online therapy service of sorts when they developed a program called “Dear Uncle Ezra.” With Ezra, anonymous students could write to an anonymous therapist, and receive a prompt written reply.

However, if online therapy is defined as any electronic or distance therapy, it can be traced back to the year 1953. That’s right, the Samaritans, based out of Great Britain, created the first telephone crisis helpline 30 years earlier.

Today, we might think of online therapy as HIPAA-compliant live video. In reality, it is a broad category that includes live video, phone calls, and live chat sessions. If you ask five different professionals for a definition, you might get five somewhat different answers.

Thriveworks Founder and CEO, Dr. AJ Centore, explains the move from traditional therapy to online services in The Journal of Professional Counseling:

“Since the beginning, mental health counseling practices have endured many theoretical shifts—from Freudian to Jungian, to Rogerian, and so on. However, a recent shift concerns not therapeutic theory but the medium through which counseling is provided. Historically, counseling relationships have developed in-person between counselor and client. Today, telephone and online technologies offer new paths for the formation of those healing relationships.”

Today, on this website, we acknowledge online therapy as an effective, medically reviewed option for mental health treatment. Thriveworks offers online mental health therapy and connects clients to skilled, licensed mental health professionals.

Is Online Counseling Effective? How Can It Help Me?

How Do These Live Sessions Work? The Basics of Virtual Counselling

Why choose online counseling?

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7 Reasons to Try Online Counseling and Coaching

These days, regardless of whether you live in the city, or out in the country, you might spend more time getting to your appointment than in the appointment itself! Online therapy / coaching lets clients save time and forgo the typical weekly or twice-weekly commute.


Connect with a counselor or coach from the comfort of your work, home, car, or anywhere you have a quiet space and a good internet connection or cell signal.


You might be surprised to hear that distance therapy practices aren’t new. In fact, online mental health services are about as old at the internet itself. There are decades of research on telephone and online services that have shown that distance counseling services can benefit the client, and that clients often prefer them to traditional in person sessions.


We also have very affordable rates for anyone paying out of pocket.

Try as we might to reassure clients that it’s not our place to judge, sometimes new clients still fear the “furrowed brow” of their therapist or coach. We’ve found, and research has found, that such worry seems to be lessened when a client is communicating at a distance.


When it comes to mental health care, many people are forced to wait days or weeks for an appointment. Not at STUDENTINN: At STUDENTINN, we do our best to get you a session immediately—often the same day.


With SUDENTINN online therapy and coaching, you’re getting the best of both worlds. SUDENTINN isn’t just an online company, there are brick-and-mortar SUDENTINN centers across the Pakistan . Why not get started with a brand that’s reputable, experienced, and already trusted by tens of thousands of individuals, couples, and families.