Digital Marketing

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We have more than 300 k 70% youth (17 till 25) from Pakistan. They’re 35% from Punjab, 15 % from KPK 6 % Sindh, 3 %Baluchistan, 40 % from ICT. They’re all Graduate. We have largest platform of Academic, comprising on students, teachers, lecturers, trainers, career counsellors.

We Provide Solutions

We can work together to promote proficiency, accountability and entrepreneurship to uplift the life standard of young intellectuals that ultimately will lead towards the facilitative environment for the next generation. We will provide you complete solutions for your Academy Enrollment. We’ll manage your events. We can provide you audience for your (Online and Offline Events). We’ve active audience on social media and campus ambassadors. Your YOUR ORGNIZATION Enrollment would be increased.

Largest Youth Forum

We have largest platform of youth more than 300 K. Facebook pages: 5 Groups: 5 We can design, organize and manage events, conference workshops and seminars as per your requirement, and demand. You would be offered moderation of our pages and platforms.


We will disseminate your voice to the target customers through our media. We have largest network of our ambassadors. We’ll provide your message through online and offline.

Through consulting, strategy and executing in cooperation with You, STUDENT’INN SOLUTIONS will direct the proper implementation of Social Media channels that will further build the brand, loyal customer base and community.

Online Marketing


  • General Social Media Strategy and Social Integrated Marketing consulting.
  • Formal Analysis of current marketing deployment, Social strategy development and integration.
  • Social Media Account creation, management and daily responsibility, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,
  • Twitter page custom background design and implementation.
  • Development and execution of a social content strategy
  • Management of Fanpage posting – We will be posting 1-3 times per day
  • Management of Twitter posting – We will be posting 5-10+ times per day
  • Cross channel flow consulting from all media sites including website, fanpage, twitter, etc.
  • General text, photo, and other posts to Social Media umbrella sites.
  • General compilation and coordination of client news, events, community involvement postings within Social Media umbrella sites.
  • Social Media cross pollination and marketing integration plan and execution, ensuring all client channels are integrated and draw on one another toward social media.
  • Responding and engaging with fans and followers to build relationships.