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education in Pakistan

Education in Pakistan

What do we mean when we talk about education? Instantly our minds are filled with schools, colleges, and universities. These are the stages of education that one has to pass in Pakistan to have a bright future for themselves. While it’s not entirely wrong to think this way, the meaning of education remains just that to Pakistan’s people and no one is to be blamed either.

By definition, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. But furthermore, education can lead to national development both by economical means and by enhancing an individual to know their responsibility towards their nation. Pakistan has yet to see its economic peak and a huge part of this reason is the lack of attention given to the education system of this country.

Education System in Pakistan

The schooling is the same as any other country,12 years of normal school level learning then the next 4 university-level learning and so on. So what is the reason that we are quite behind in the contest of standards? First of all, it’s the lack of budget invested which then results in poor facilities and lack of educational materials such as books, stationery, and proper learning and teaching requirements. It’s a chain if you come to think of it. One thing connected to another. Now those who receive education while not even having the proper requirements for it result in low-quality teachers being produced. They then teach with only to the scope they acquire, thus, continuing this chain of the low standard of education. It is very important for Pakistan to have a proper environment, syllabus, and equipment to achieve high standards.

Talking about my personal experience, I have done my primary and secondary education out of Pakistan and am doing my tertiary education within Pakistan. Comparing each countries education level, the teaching, curriculum, and management is very different from what I have seen, heard, and experienced. The syllabus that I had already covered in my secondary education was taught to me at my university here in Pakistan. Asking about my fellow classmates’ secondary education, I was surprised that it was mostly based on cramming rather than understanding and if asked about some topics they had covered already, they struggled to answer those.  I believe there is a lot to improve and work on or I am afraid Pakistan would be left behind.

How Pakistan is managing educational Issues?

Now coming to the positive aspects of how Pakistan is perceiving education. Without a doubt, Pakistan’s Government does consider the standard of education here to be worrying and is trying to facilitate as much as they are able to. The literacy rate has increased from 58 percent in 2017 to 60 percent as of 2021. Even though it’s a small change, it’s a change, nonetheless. There are many changes made in favor to increase the standards. Each teacher had to give an exam to decide whether they are qualified enough to teach other students. Media today plays a big role in depicting the weaknesses that our system has, and the people and government are exposed to it, thus working on improving it and erasing all the insecurities it could or already has.

Though there are many problems, and Pakistan is lagging behind due to such problems. Every incumbent government blames the previous governments for flaws and failures. We should accept that solution is not simpler and easier, Ruling government must take the necessary steps for the betterment of the educational system of Pakistan.

Haieqa Iftikhar is student. She is intern at STUDETNINN SOLUTIONS. She contributes as content writer.

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  2. Very much true. This shows how much our educational system needs to change especially on a fundamental level if we want our generation to atleast stand toe to toe with the world. This article highlights all these issues. Nicely put!

  3. Well written concise and to the point. I believe we need more students like you to speak up and not only bring about the change but be the change for the betterment of our country and the future generations. Keep up the amazing work!

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