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is Quahl scam


Is Quahl scam? Previously known as Initiative Q. This is the common question, you will see on the google search. No, Quahl is not scam at all. Brendan Markey-Tower, economist at the University of Queensland, wrote it is not a scam.

Why Quahl is not scam?

Quahl claims that Pyramid schemes collect money from new members and distribute it to earlier members. In contrast, joining Quahl is completely free. So, clearly, there is no money to hand up the “pyramid” to earlier members.

Quahl does reserve quahls for members who join, and more quahls are reserved for early members and to those who invite their friends. However, the value of these quahls will come from them being gradually accepted as a better currency, in accordance with the “equation of exchange” in economics. Read more.

Quahl’s marketing approach is not different than that used by many companies, such as DropboxUberAirBNBZoho and others, that compensate users who invite their friends. In Quahl’s case new registrants may sometimes see more value in the reward, resulting in more invitations being sent.

The requirement that new members be invited by existing users has an additional benefit, detailed in the previous question.


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