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Publish your Research with our guidance

Publish your Research with our guidance

Are you facing difficulty in publishing your research work? How to publish your first research paper? How to publish your research Don’t you know where to start? Are you unable to find your desired research journal for your work?

Don’t worry; We have instant solutions for you.

Publishing your research work in international research journals is an uphill task. It needs hard work, time, and money as well. Don’t worry; now you can become the author with our help. We provide you with complete guidance from the menu script to publishing. We have multi-disciplinary journals on board.

Our Guidance

  1. We will assist you in completing your research work
  2. Fast and smooth publishing arrangements
  3. Review your work
  4. Publish your work in the international journals
  5. HEC recognized (W, X, Y categories)
  6. Your work will never be delisted.
  7. With a 10% discounted price

Research Fields

Our mission is to share information and encourage scholarly debate, critical analysis, and applied research and study across the social sciences. We can assist you in publishing peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journals in the following areas:

American Studies



Archival Studies

Area Studies

Behavioral Sciences

Conservation Studies


Defense & Strategic Studies

Demography and Population Studies

Development Studies

Developmental Psychology

Disaster Economics






Home Economics

International Relations

Iqbal Studies / Iqbaliyat

Islamic Studies / Arabic Studies

Issues related to Management and Business

Issues related to Statistics


Law and Legislature

Library and Information Sciences

Mass communication

Media Studies

Pakistan Studies

Peace & Conflict Studies


Political Science

Psychology including Clinical, Industrial,

Public Administration

Religious Studies / Comparative Religion

Rural / Urban Studies

Rural Development Studies

Social Work


Special Education

Women and Gender Studies

Women Studies

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